The Lead-Up to Moving Day: Preparing for the Transition

Moving is an event that is often met with apprehension and anticipation. A substantial 47% of individuals who have recently relocated have reported experiencing heightened levels of tension and unease throughout the process. If a move is on the horizon for you, there are measures you can undertake to alleviate any unwelcome stress.

To commence, obtain a roster of impending duties. From transferring utilities to arranging for pet or childcare services, tasks, both major and minor, will accumulate. The checklist will assist you in categorizing your responsibilities based on their significance and urgency. Additionally, it might be wise to reach out to the moving company you intend to employ and inquire about a relocation schedule reference.

Subsequently, meticulously inspect each room in your living space and compile an inventory of your possessions. Any unneeded items should be discarded or donated to free up space. This approach also reduces the volume of belongings to transport to your new destination. Additionally, exercise caution when identifying items necessitating delicate packaging, particularly fragile glassware.

Lastly, consume any perishable food items, minimizing both waste and the load you need to transport. Emptying the kitchen cupboards and, if necessary, defrosting the freezer are time-consuming tasks that may require substantial effort.

For additional insights on this topic, please peruse the accompanying informational guide crafted by Best of Utah Moving.

Infographic provided by Best of Utah Moving, Salt Lake City specialists in moving services

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