Minor Kitchen or Bathroom Updates With Major Impact on Your Vancouver Home

If you’re looking to sell your home in Vancouver, you’re probably considering a kitchen or bathroom refresh. Potential buyers will be on the lookout for updated kitchens and bathrooms as a sign that your home is ready to welcome new owners. However, remodeling these two important areas of your home can be a big job, and the truth is that sinking a big investment into a remodel may not be the best idea if you are updating to sell. You may put in more money than you’ll get in return at sale time. An alternative is to update your kitchen and bathrooms with minor upgrades that have a big impact and increase your home’s value.

Declutter and deep clean

It might seem obvious, but before you even think about updating your kitchen and bathrooms, you’ll want to go for a major decluttering session and deep clean. Kitchen countertops should be clear of spices and appliances, and getting rid of items that you aren’t using in your cabinets will make way for storage. You can use the Marie Kondo KonMari method of keeping only those items that “spark joy.” That might equal getting rid of anything that’s cracked or chipped, or if you have multiples of the same item like colanders, or food storage containers with no lids. After you’ve decluttered, deep clean, targeting grout, walls, and underneath cabinets.

Update hardware and fixtures

Sinks, cabinet pulls, knobs, and handles can date a kitchen just as much as cabinets and tiles. Before you start updating everything, you can start with new hardware, selecting modern finishes like black or brushed steel, and see how even these seemingly small details can transform your kitchen. For cabinets, you’ll need to see how knobs and handles are attached (such as with one or two screws or a plate system), to make sure you buy the compatible hardware. For your sink, you might just replace the faucet, or update the basin too, depending on your budget and how much of a refresh is needed.

Paint walls and cabinets

Cleaning and painting can transform your home’s interior and the kitchen and bathrooms are no exception. You can start by giving your walls a fresh coat of paint and then assess the state of your cabinets. If cabinets are dirty and scuffed a paint job might be all you need. To do this DIY job, consult with your home improvement store to see the best materials for priming and painting. You’ll want to remove doors and drawers and make sure you give them a deep clean.

Remodeling is one way to update your kitchen and bathrooms to sell your house, but you might find that with a few small home improvement projects you can give these high-traffic areas a much-needed new glow. A streamlined look will be sure to appeal to potential buyers during an open house and could bring you more for your home at sale time.

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