How to Keep Your Home Secure

Making your property burglar-proof in expensive ways is basically not the only option left. You may choose various ways to keep your home secure in an inexpensive manner.

Home security is all about taking the smartest steps. Paving cornerstones for your home security is also an important part of the entire process. So in order to keep your property secure and safe, the following are ways to look at:

1.     Upgrade the Door Locks

Locking windows and doors won’t be enough, especially when your home doesn’t have the most quality locks. You will need to hire a locksmith in Toronto to ascertain that every exterior door has a deadbolt, making it harder for burglars to break in.

As you work on that, ensure the door hinges and frames are strong so as to handle an attempted break-in.

2.     Consider Installing Smart Lighting

Make it more difficult for intruders to break into your property at night undetected with very strategic lights. Floodlights, security lighting, and outdoor motion detectors near all the entry points, including the doors and windows, will be deterred for unwanted visitors.

For another layer of security, be sure to install security cameras. Make sure you put up signs, which show your property is armed without enough security cameras to keep every potential prowler at bay.

3.     Be Friendly with Neighbors

Burglars can, in most cases, be studying routines around properties they are planning to break in. They might be watching and taking notes of the people living there. This will help them know when the property owners leave in the morning and when they return.

Knowing your neighbors means you will find out who stays at home during day time and ask them to be watchful for suspicious activities around the entry points of your home.

4.     Get One or Two Dogs

Don’t underestimate the security advantages of a house dog. Usually, dogs are loud, difficult to spot, and can bite. Their barking might even make intruders save the hassle as well as hit the next home.

Many renters and homeowners in Toronto have pet dogs, which guard their homes at night and in their absence. You can keep dogs in a kennel and release them at night. Perfect guard dogs have the characteristics required to ward off all intruders.

5.     Lock the Wi-Fi Network Down

Your home’s wireless network is the doorway to your financial and personal information. And in case you use home automation, it might as well make your home prone to break-in.

If a Wi-Fi network is linked to your smart home devices or security systems, it will give criminals direct access to your property. However, you don’t necessarily have to leave your home vulnerable. Consider using a firewall, renaming/hiding the home network, and enabling WFA to keep hackers at bay.

Prevention is Key – the Bottom Line!

Prevention is among the effective ways to enhance the safety and security of your property. Luckily, you may take a few small and simple steps to make your home secure and discourage intruders from attempting to break in, including upgrading the locks and locking down the Wi-Fi network, just to mention a few.

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